Tap to Save™ makes it

super easy to save more

and spend less.


Saving money is now as easy as tapping the screen of your phone! Tap this free app once per day and it‘ll move 3 bucks from your checking account to your savings.

Because you probably won’t even notice it’s gone. Plus, if you save 3 bucks per day, in a year you’ll have over 1k saved!

This free app can help anyone save more money…

Even your dad. (Hi dad!)

FAQs about Tap to Save™

How much does the app cost?

Nothing — it will be FREE. Sign up below to keep up-to-date on the status – it’s not in the App Store or Google Play Store yet. Stay tuned! (p.s. You may want to check with your cell phone provider to see if any usage costs apply.)

Is the app available on iPhone or Android?

BOTH. Whether you’re an Apple enthusiast or an Android aficionado, you can tap-tap-tap to save all you want.

What can I do with the app?

Tap to Save™ makes saving money simple. Budgets aren’t working and your savings isn’t growing. Each day we face money decisions: Should I buy this thing? Should I pick up coffee on my way to work? Should I go out to lunch?”  We think, “Nah, I should really save up instead.” But do you actually move that money to savings? 

With Tap to Save™, saving money in the moment is at your fingertips.  Every time you decide not to spend, quickly and easily move that money from your checking account directly into your savings account and watch it add up.

What security measures help protect my financial banking information?

We use industry accepted standards, protocols and precautions to protect your Personally Identifiable Information from loss, misuse, or unauthorized access. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards, including using firewall barriers, encryption techniques, authentication procedures, and 256-Bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

How can I be sure that my financial banking information is safe if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

We triple lock your account so you’ll barely be able to get into it. Trust us. It’s secure.

Does the app save any information on my mobile device?

For quick access to data, some data is stored on your device. Data on your device is encrypted and can be further protected by setting a passcode on your device. Logging out of the app removes data from the device and requires a full sync the next time you link your device.

Why do you ask for my SS# during sign up?

Good question! We use some personal information to validate your identity and your access to your bank account. We want to be sure you are who you say you are AND you are the true owner of your bank account.

What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a powerful payments platform that securely connects to bank or credit union accounts to enable the transfer of money for any individual or organization in the U.S. 

At Dwolla, they take protecting data seriously. Dwolla maintains compliance with the SOC 2 framework. This framework provides an independent, third-party assurance that they are taking the appropriate steps to protect our systems and your data. Learn more about Dwolla’s security practices here (https://www.dwolla.com/security)

Why hasn't my money finished transferring?

A bank or credit union transaction usually takes 3–4 business days to complete a transfer via the Automated Clearing House network (ACH) used by banks to transfer funds. And holiday weeks? It can take a little longer.

How can I cancel a transfer?

Things happen, right? No problem. Reach out to us within 5 days of initiating a transfer (or before it completes) at taptosave@brightpeakfinancial.com to let us know & we can help you out.

Why did the transaction fail?

Sometimes transactions to or from a bank or credit union can fail. Here are a few reasons why a transaction can fail:

  • Insufficient funds. There are insufficient funds in the sending bank or credit union account to complete the transaction. We won’t be able to check your account balances, so please be sure you have enough balance before confirming your transfer. Some institutions charge an overdraft fee.
  • Frozen account. A bank or credit union account has been frozen.
  • Other reasons. A bank or credit union rejects the transaction for some other reason.

If a transaction fails, please contact your bank or credit union to check on the status of your account. Then either re-initiate the transaction or ask your financial institution why the transaction may not be processed.

Why am I being asked for more information?

If we ask for a photo ID, additional information is needed to verify your identity. We’ll ask you for: 

  • An unexpired, current, state-issued driver’s license or identification card OR
  • An unexpired, current U.S. passport

If we ask for a bank statement, additional information is needed to verify that you are an authorized signer on your connected bank or credit union account. We’ll ask you to provide a recent statement.

You can reach us at taptosave@brightpeakfinancial.com