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“Uh yeahh! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for but didn’t know it!” – March 2018 Review


Season 1

Season 1 Trailer
Get a taste of the fun and insights found in Season 1 of the Love & Money Podcast!


Episode 1: Jon Acuff
This week, on the debut episode of The Love & Money Podcast, Rafael Robert and Debra Fileta are joined by best-selling author and speaker Jon Acuff! The team answers your questions, resolves its first “couple’s court” case, busts relationship and money myths, and a lot more!


Episode 2: Tyler Reagin
In this episode of The Love & Money Podcast, Rafael Robert and Debra Fileta are joined by the president of Catalyst, Tyler Reagin! Together they take on the case of the passionate penny-pincher and the ever-eager-investor, bust the myth “do opposites attract” and answer real questions from our listeners on the topics of love and money!


Episode 3: Jeff Bethke
This week on The Love & Money Podcast, Rafael Robert and Debra Fileta are joined by author, spoken word artist and speaker Jeff Bethke! The team conducts couple’s court with a couple that is debating on the perfect time to meet the parents, gives advice on how to improve your relationships, answers a listener’s question about a couple with separate bank accounts and a lot more!


Episode 4: Jamie Ivey
This week, author, speaker and podcaster Jamie Ivey joins us! We talk about why kids shouldn’t be the center of your life, discuss the importance of a regular date night, hear a tense couple’s court case, find out how to make a family mission statement and a lot more!


Follow Jamie on Instagram @jamieivey, find out about her upcoming speaking and tour dates at, download The Happy Hour wherever you get your podcast and check out her new book, If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Being Free.


Episode 5: Rich & DawnChere Wilkinson
This week, Vous Church pastors DawnCheré and Rich Wilkerson Jr. join us! Rich discusses his book Friends of Sinners, we help a couple decide how much they should be spending at the drug store, figure out how to maintain a work-life balance, hear about why all couples should consider going to counseling, plus a lot more!


You can learn more about the Wilkerson’s ministry at, and be sure to check out Rich’s book, Friends of Sinners: Why Jesus Cares More about Relationship Than Perfection, which is on sale everywhere!


Episode 6: Ben Stuart
This week, Passion City Church pastor and author of the book Single, Dating, Engaged, Married, Ben Stuart joins us! The team talks about whether or not the first year of marriage is actually the hardest, why tithing is so important, how to be more generous and a lot more!


You can follow Ben at @ben_stuart_ and check out his book Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age.


Episode 7: Mike Foster
This week, on The Love & Money Podcast, we are joined by author, speaker and counselor, Mike Foster! Mike joins the team in discussing whether you should “fake it til you make it”, how to forgive yourself for money mistakes, and they take on a couple’s court case that you won’t want to miss!


You can follow Mike @MikeFoster on Twitter and @MikeFoster2000 on Instagram. Be sure to check out his podcast, Fun Therapy, and order his book Five Dates at


This Week’s Love & Money Project:

Mike Foster challenges listeners to own up to a money mistake that they’ve made, think about what they learned from it and forgive themselves.


Episode 8: Levi Lusko
This week, The Love & Money cast is joined by Fresh Life Church pastor and best-selling author, Levi Lusko and RELEVANT Podcast’s very own, Jesse Carey. Together, the crew discusses how to have a healthy crush, the best ways to monitor screen-time, whether someone is capable of “changing” and much more!


You can follow Levi at @levilusko and check out his newest book, Swipe Right.


Episode 9: Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
This week, renowned relationship expert Dr. Emerson Eggerichs joins us. Along with founding the organization Love and Respect Now with his wife Sarah, Eggerichs is the author of several books, including his latest, The 4 Wills of God.


Along with hosts Rafael Robert and Debra Fileta, Eggerichs discusses why frugality isn’t always a positive trait, helps a listener gain a healthy perspective on dating, solves a real couple’s dilemma and a lot more!


This Week’s Love & Money Project:

From housing to entertainment to travel, compare and contrast you and your partner’s “enough”. Where are you similar? Where do you differ? How might your differences affect the relationship?


Episode 10: Rachel Held Evans
On the final episode of Love & Money’s first season, Debra and Rafa are joined by author Rachel Held Evans and her husband, Dan! Together they discuss whether working with your S.O. is a recipe for disaster, how to kindly ask your in-laws to give you space, and they help a couple through a financial debate.


Follow Rachel at @rachelheldevans and be sure to pre-order her new book, Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water and Loving the Bible Again.

Season 2

Season 2 Trailer
What kind of insightful hijinks can you expect in Season 2 of the Love & Money Podcast? Find out.


Episode 1: Work/Life Balance with Jessica N. Turner
On the debut episode of season 2 of the Love & Money Podcast, we talk with Jessica N. Turner, author of the new book Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter, and Thrive to discuss the idea of work/life balance.


This season, each episode is centered on a theme with discussions that will help you better understand your relationship with two of life’s most complicated elements: love and money.


Episode 2: Communication with Propaganda & Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty
This week, university professor Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty and rapper and activist Propaganda join us to talk about the secrets to great communication—and the communication steps every couple should avoid. We also hear a new couple’s court case that pits two different communication styles against each other.


Episode 3: Calling with Ellie Holcomb
This week, we talk with author and singer Ellie Holcomb about how she lives out her calling as an artist, wife and mother of three children. We also hear from a couple at a crossroads: They must decide if a new job opportunity is the next step in pursuing their calling, or if the change is motivated by something less intentional. Plus, a whole lot more!


Episode 4: Money with Dr. Sonya Britt-Lutter
This week listen in to hear Rafa, Liz and new to the show Tyler Huckabee, answer all your questions about romance and finance in our new Lightning Round segment, plus, Kansas State professor Dr. Sonya Britt-Lutter joins the show to talk about financial stress and the groundbreaking new world of financial therapy.


Episode 5: Independence and Interdependence with Shaunti Feldhahn
On the latest episode of the Love & Money Podcast, best-selling author and Harvard graduate Shaunti Feldhahn joins us to talk about how the inner life relates the financial life. Plus, a Lightning Round about social media logins, romantic getaways and things couples should do every day.


Episode 6: The Comparison Trap with Lisa Bevere
On this episode, we bring on best-selling author Lisa Bevere to talk about the dangers of the comparison trap. Lisa’s books weave witty teachings and sharp biblical truths to illustrate how the expectations of others can be destructive to your relationships. Plus, she has a killer run through our Lightning Round!


Episode 7: Good Money with Branden Harvey
For this episode, influencer Branden Harvey joins us to talk about finding the good news in all aspects of our relational and financial lives. Plus, another Lightning Round!


Episode 8: Ethical Shopping with Kohl Crecelius
In this episode, Krochet Kids founder Kohl Crecelius joins us to talk about how we can make sure we’re supporting ethical business practices with our money. Plus, some musing on the fate of the fast fashion industry, the origin of Krochet Kids and the return of the Lightning Round.


Episode 9: Simplifying Your Life with Joshua Becker
For this episode, we talk with author Joshua Becker about the power of simplifying your life, consuming less, decluttering your home and how embracing a life of living with less can benefit not just your wallet, but your relationships.


Episode 10: Making Moments Last with Carlos Whittaker
On the season 2 finale, we talk with author, worship leader and speaker Carlos Whittaker about investing in making moments that last. Liz and Rafa also talk with Carlos about how to kill the “spiders” in your life and relationships that could be holding you back and how everyone can learn to more effectively hear the voice of God.

Building stronger relationships with each other and with money.

We know that relationships can be messy. And when you add in money, things can get nasty. But we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s not God’s vision for our lives. So we’re saying something about it. Listen to an episode. Subscribe. And check out the resources featured in the podcast. Thrive in both love and money. Today.

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Season 1 , 2 + 3 co-host

Rafa’s background in counseling, psychology and theology gives him a unique perspective on the stress that money is causing in our relationships and how to stop it.


Season 3 co-host

Bianca is all about sharing the LOVE of Jesus Christ and the FREEDOM He brings through the TRUTH of His word.


Season 2+3 co-host

A freelance writer and editor specializing in popular culture, Tyler has bylines in publications ranging from The Washington Post to RELEVANT to IGN Comics.


Season 2+3 co-host

A triple threat for RELEVANT Media: Jesse is a writer, editor and podcaster. He’s best known for listening to Nickelback non-stop for an entire week for charity.
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