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Blog: How to Teach Your Kids Generosity

Discover four practical ways to teach your kids about giving.

Blog: Everyday Ways to Raise Generous Kids

Raise selfless kids by implementing—and modeling—strategies that put others first.

Infographic: Six Ways to Grow Generosity

Cultivate generous and compassionate young hearts by living out these six practices.

Teach your kids the value of money in just 6 days


Join the free “That’s Generous of You” Challenge and your kids could have a whole new understanding of the value of money, and of generosity. It’s exclusively available to users of Together™, a unique tool that helps Christian couples grow stronger in their finances and their relationship.

4 Gift Rule Printout

The idea is simple—you buy your children no more than four gifts for Christmas, and they fall into these four categories:

  • Something they WANT
  • Something they NEED
  • Something they SHARE
  • Something they READ

Whether you’re on a budget or just trying to discourage materialism in your family this Christmas, consider trying the 4 Gift Rule.

See what happened when some peakers tried the 4 Gift Rule activity at home

Week 1: Something kids WANT