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Your overall financial wellness can’t be measured by what is—and what isn’t—in your bank account. Your relationship with money is more complex than that.


Married, engaged, or in a committed relationship? Your relationship with money is affected by that, too.


brightpeak teamed with industry-leading experts in psychometrics and financial therapy to develop the Financial Wellness Assessment. It helps you identify strengths and areas to improve, across the Five Dimensions of Money.

Build a better relationship with money by taking a look at these five kinds of influences:

  • Cultural: How your past experiences affect your choices today.
  • Spiritual: How faith and values guide your money decisions.
  • Emotional: How you feel about money.
  • Behavioral: How you take action on your goals.
  • Practical: Your current financial situation.

This assessment will identify your strengths, and give you next steps to improve.

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TogetherTM is brightpeak’s free, personalized digital tool designed to guide you toward healthier relationships in love and money.


If you’re in a relationship, this assessment will help you uncover factors like how well you and your partner communicate about money, and more.

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