How do you teach your kids about generosity?


Give them a plan to follow!


The Family Giving Challenge is a fun way for kids to learn how to share what they have with others. By tying your child’s age to the amount of money they save, the number starts to make sense. With activities segmented by age range, there are great activities (and downloads) for your entire family.


Generous Kids books teach age-appropriate concepts about money, possessions, generosity, and contentment.

For more ways to teach kids about generosity, check out our books:


Ages 0-3

Mine! is a counting board book that teaches the concepts of yours and mine, while also reminding kids that we all have more fun when we share together.

It’s Not Fair!

Ages 4-6

Roxy Ramirez keeps running into friends who are in trouble, and need her to dip into her savings to help. Will she have enough money left over to buy something for herself? Find out in It’s Not Fair!

The Wrong Shoes

Ages 7-8

Marco never had a job before! So he grabbed his trusty Field Guide and his best friend Amelia for a quest through the wild world of money—a quest that teaches them some unexpected things. Find out how in the story of The Wrong Shoes.

We partnered with Beaming Books to bring these books to life!

Along with the Family Challenge mentioned above, Beaming Books has also created a Church Giving Challenge.


For more information on how your church can participate, click below.